About Me

Welcome to commerce in America.  [Ha!]  By no means on the HOME page did I really mean 50 years of full-time experience in electronic design and repair.  Nine of those years, however, were spent at Texas Instruments, Inc. (T.I.) in Houston, TX.

After working at T.I. initially in Process Control, I worked as their chief circuit troubleshooter for the 64-K DRAM memory chip.  I “chased” control signals on that memory chip for nearly 5 years!  They call that work done with the aid of microscope, “Internal probe.”  That effort requires a steady hand and a natural curiosity.  Thereby I identified the root cause of various timing-chain issues.  Next, I characterized soft-error rates of that same memory chip by bombarding it with Alpha rays.  Last, I developed an Expert System to identify at which photo-mask level a particulate defect had occurred during manufacture of that memory chip.

Next I spent 28.5 years at Roche Diagnostics, Inc. mostly here in Indianapolis.  After two years of optical and electronic (op-amp) design work, in Houston, I came here to start a math and optics Department.  Along the way I supervised a UHF research endeavor.

In hometown Mobile, Alabama in 1957 I hooked my 1N34A germanium crystal set to the finger stop on a rotary dial, black, Bakelite telephone.  That was a great antenna!

When I lived in Houston, I operated “Dr. Zee’s OLD RADIO HOSPITAL” for a half dozen years.  I certainly know the art of making people pleased with my repair and restoration services.

Along the way, I got a doctorate in Solid-State Physics and a postdoctoral fellowship in Atomic Collisions.  So when I say, “It’s fixed,” then doggone it — it’s fixed!